We’re all in for making sure our home looks appealing on the outside, so we paint the walls and trim the grass, but what’s in the dish only comes to the spoon, meaning you can’t simply increase the value by only dressing its outer appeal. Whether you’re planning to sell your home or settle there life long, if you’ve got plans to renovate or remodel and you’re wondering how you can add value to it, then quit worrying because this article explores on a few noteworthy ways you could most certainly do that.

Work on Landscape

Modern homes are calling for less gardens, but with technology driving people crazy, more and more families are interested in houses with a beautiful garden. Whether you’ve got a big garden that’s home for bugs and dried plants or a small one with a few poppies and berries, one way you can add value to your home is by giving it the curb appeal it needs. Even property developers would agree that landscaping is the best way to start off, so have some healthy trees and blooming flower beds, along with adding a deck or patio to turn into a great entertaining space.

Transform Your Cellar

By transforming your cellar, you could actually boost your home’s value by up to 30 percent as long as price per square feet is more than the build cost per square feet. Whilst listed companies like a commercial construction company and others making structural changes might have to talk to local officers and obtain planning permissions, house owners rarely have to, and due to this reason, converting a cellar could be an option that requires less effort, and less complexity even with immense value added making it a very worthwhile option. Transform it into a stunning bedroom or living space and get one step ahead with the remodel.

Split it In to Flats

Another popular way to add value to your home is to split it in to flats. This would enable buyers to rent one of the floors if they wanted to thus elevating its opportunities to generate income, again enhancing its value. But before you jump in making a decision you might have to consider doing research and check for the demand for flats in your area. If a flat is preferred over a 3bk house then might as well go for the conversion option.

Consider Converting the Garage

Garage is where, little kids go when they’re mad at parents and stick a note to the fridge, after scrolling running from home in it. I mean, if your garage isn’t used to house a car then, apart from being used by the kids and old broomsticks, they’re going to be a part of home that’s almost non-existent if you don’t make the space worthwhile. Even if you’re planning to sell your house most people these days actually prefer an extra reception room or a play room for kids instead of a garage.